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USDA Licensed Hedgehog Breeder (African Pygmy Hedgehogs) - Since 2011


Anouncements: Corona Virus 3/17/20

We are suspending scheduling our  in person Hedgehog 101 Sessions.  We are offering our sessions via video conferencing through FB Video Call or Zoom.  Contact us for more info.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and are looking forward to returning to our normal programs as soon as possible.  



UPDATE: 4/1/20

 Governor Pritzker has extended the "Shelter in Place" order.   All visits to Morning Star Hedgehogs are suspended until further notice .    This order is due to be lifted on May 1, 2020.  Until such time we will be conducting no contact curbside pickups.   The only forms of payment accepted at this time are Chase Quick-Pay,  Zelle , Venmo or PayPal (PayPal payments will incur a 3% fee).  

Our curbside pickup plan:    A  packet will be  emailed to all our owners containing basic care instructions along with  the USDA paperwork and Health Guarantee  which will need to be filled out and emailed back to us.

If you are purchasing equipment we can use zoom meeting to choose your equipment this will be set for your pick up.

We will allot 10 min per pick up.  We will bring your animal and equipment out to your vehicle. If you have questions we can answer them via text, phone, zooml, or  facebook messenger. 

 This is not how we would prefer to handle the pick ups, however the health crisis is forcing severe modifications in all our businesses and lifestyles.  We feel these extreme measures need to be made in order to keep all our owners, animals and ourselves healthy.  We look forward to getting through this and getting back to " business as usual ".  Please bear with us as we all get through this most challenging time together!   We appreciate your understanding and support through this difficult and challenging time.   Stay Safe and Healthy!   

Breeding Hedgehogs since 2011 - Western Suburbs Near Chicago


Located in the western suburbs about 1/2 hour from O'Hare Airport

 We sell to the pet community NO breeder sales (except those breeders we have a working relationship with) 

Sorry we do not ship our babies. 

we proudly offer the lowest Reservation fee in illinois!


Hedgehog 101 Sessions

Schedule your Session Now!

Hedgehog 101 Sessions

If you reserve a baby you are invited to attend a Hedgehog 101 Session Free of charge!  If you register for a Hedgehog 101 Session and decide to purchase from us the $20 fee becomes your deposit!  And is applied toward your total purchase. That averages out to a $30 - $55 initial savings for YOU!


To Better Serve You!

Schedule your Session Now!

Hedgehog 101 Sessions

Our reservation fee is $20!  We have held at $20 since we began breeding in 2011! Other breeders in Illinois charge $50 to $75 for their deposit (non-refundable)  You can place your reservation  through PayPal here on the Babies For Sale page.  $20 goes towards your total purchase.


Schedule your Session Now!

Schedule your Session Now!

Schedule your Session Now!

   Call us to schedule your Hedgehog 101 Session Now booking weekend sessions, please inform us of any allergy issues so we can accommodate your needs! 

Call Us at: (630) 346-5122

About Us


Experienced Breeders

Accessories, Boarding, Other Services

Accessories, Boarding, Other Services

Why Hedgehogs?  

It is a story that begins with my love and fascination for exotics.  Growing up I was told by my mother that I was allergic to furry animals, even the pediatrician said no furry four legged critters for me!   That began my curiosity for snakes and creepy crawlies...  Although my mother was never thrilled when I would bring home pet turtles, garter snakes, toads and such..

My fascination continued through adult hood when at one time I kept toads, tree frogs, lizards, snakes dragons, tarantulas, mice, rats, roaches...you get the idea... Being part of the exotic community and seeing prairie dogs, chinchillas, degus, sugar gliders, cavies and hedgehogs made me want to try my hand at them because "OMG they are soo cute".....  

Well,  we began breeding hedgehogs in August 2011 and loved them so much that by March 2012 we obtained our USDA License.   Each one is our pet first and is treated with all the love and care that any other pet would.  They receive the highest care, nutrition, and veterinary care that all our pets do! 

Our goal is to produce happy, healthy quill babies for the pet community.  Having knowledge in keeping hedgehogs through their entire lifespan means  I can assist you with elder care issues that may arise.  I stand with my owners for the life of your animal not just through the sale.  

Our hedgehogs are pedigreed and we follow strict breeding policies to protect our herd and babies from health issues.

(See our Code of Ethics). 


Our babies are guaranteed against congenital defects for one year and for life against WHS.   


Accessories, Boarding, Other Services

Accessories, Boarding, Other Services

Accessories, Boarding, Other Services

  We carry all types of accessories and complete kits to provide the best for your new addition. See our Accessories page for more detailed information/ pricing. 

Boarding services available to make vacation stress free on the owner and your "quilly" family member. Weekly and daily rates (equipment rental available) More information available on our Boarding Page.

Spa Services by appointment only Bath and Nail Trim $15  Nail Trim $10 


Hedgehog 101 Sessions

Accessories, Boarding, Other Services

Hedgehog 101 Sessions

 If you are unsure whether a Hedgehog is the correct pet for you or the hedgehog is to be the pet of a child under the age of 13, I encourage you to attend a session!

 In the Hedgehog 101 Session you will learn all aspects of basic care and keeping for an African Pygmy Hedgehog. You will also have the opportunity to intereact with a few of the Morning Star Hedgehog Herd.  There is also a question/answer section so any and all your questions can be answered.

Hedgehog 101 Sessions are by appointment only.  $20 fee per family applies  




Exciting News!


Summerfield Zoo acquiring a Hedgehog from Us!

Summerfield Zoo acquiring a Hedgehog from Us!

Summerfield Zoo acquiring a Hedgehog from Us!

We are very proud to provide Summerfield Zoo located in Belvidere Illinois with one of our retirees for their Educational Program!   They will also be getting a baby from us this summer!  So excited to be able to be a part of educating the public about their quilly critters!  


Meet Erizo the Hedgehog

Summerfield Zoo acquiring a Hedgehog from Us!

Summerfield Zoo acquiring a Hedgehog from Us!

Three of the Morning Star Hedgehog herd and babies were used in a First Bank commercial!!   We were thrilled to be a part of the project!  These are the same animators that created the Geico Camel and the America's Best Owl!   The finished product is spectacular!!



Make A Wish

Summerfield Zoo acquiring a Hedgehog from Us!

Make A Wish

In 2017, Morning Star Hedgehogs was asked to help fulfill a little girls wish to own a hedgehog.  We were proud to be a part of granting Addyson's wish!  What a rewarding experience, our thanks to Stephanie and the Make-A-Wish foundation for allowing us to be part of this humbling organization!!  


With you for the life of your baby.. Not just for the sale

We are here for our owners almost 24/7. We respond to questions and requests within 24 hours.  If we are available we do answer your calls.  Call, text, email or facebook messenger. 


Need a Veterinarian?

There are over 100 exotic Vets in Illinois, we don't know them all, but have a list of those recommended by our owners. We can help direct you to quality care.


Owner Recommended Veterinarians

Nothing can be more comforting than finding a Vet that has been recommended.  Its great to google,  but when our animals are in need of medical attention knowing that a real human saw that Doctor and  was happy with them can make all the difference. Click the link for the listing of Veterinarians our owners have seen and recommend.  


Our Babies... Forever

While we do our best to place our animals in their "quillever" homes, we understand that sometimes life may have other plans for us.  These babies were ours first and we desire nothing but the best for them for the rest of their life.   If a day should arise that you are unable to continue to care for your Hedgie whatever the reason, no matter how old....Please let them come home.   We are happy to take them back here at Morning Star Hedgehogs and find them an appropriate new owner/family.  

Demi  (retiree) with her new friends!

Previous Hedgehog Experience?

If you are a previous hedgehog owner perhaps you might consider giving one of our retiring adults a loving home?  Nothing is more satisfying than seeing our retirees find a loving home to be able to have a wonderful "retirement".  We do not accept deposits to reserve Adults you must come and meet them and make certain it is the proper fit for a successful transition for both the owner and the hedgehog.  Their fees are nominal based upon age and temperament.  Contact us for more information! 

During the Shelter in Place order we no longer allow in home visits - we can however use zoom technology to allow you to see how the adult behaves and acts to help you decide if it is the right pet for you, we apologize for the inconvenience. 

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Picking Up Your Hedgie or Visiting Morning Star Hedgehogs

 If you are coming to Morning Star Hedgehogs to pick up your little one, board or get a spa treatment (for your little one), please be sure to come to the correct address.  Some GPS' are directing people to my neighbor's address! Well, my neighbors, have paid me a visit  😯  Typically there is a black Equinox  in the driveway and has a hedgehog decal in the back window - - Please be kind to my neighbors.... They are retired and a bit annoyed with all the visitors!