Thank You For Considering Purchasing a Hedgehog From Morning Star Hedgehogs!

Hedgehog Pricing:

All standard color/facial markings are $175.  If you are interested in any of our more rare colors/specialty faced animals, those will run between $200-$250 depending upon the marking strength and clarity.


Deposit Policy:

 A non-refundable deposit of $20 dollars is required to secure a hedgehog from Morning Star Hedgehogs.  We accept PayPal ($21), Chase Quick Pay, Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash for DEPOSITS ONLY. Personal Checks are accepted for deposit only.  If a check is returned, purchaser is responsible for all fees.  We will email you when your deposit is received and let you know an approximate date your baby will be ready to go home. 

If we have a waiting list.  You will be placed on our waiting list once your deposit is received. 

Checks or money orders should be made payable to Jonell Stetz, and mailed to: 650 Douglas Ave Addison IL 60101 or PayPal to (or follow the link on our available babies page)

Upon purchase of a Hedgehog from Morning Star Hedgehogs, you will be required to sign a contract indicating that your hedgehog is a pet and will not be used for breeding purposes. *** 

Pick Up Policy:

Around 5 weeks we will send you a picture of the babies and schedule a pick up appointment.

You will be given a time slot that fits both our schedules. 

 The appointments are in hour blocks to allow for any questions you may have and introducing you to your new hedgehog and filling out the necessary paperwork.  We want you to leave confident in your knowledge and understanding of hedgehog behavior in order to make your experience with your new hoglet a great one!  If for some reason you cannot make your appointment time prior notification is required at such time we will reschedule.  If however, you do not make your appointment and fail to contact us after a 3 day waiting period you will forfeit your deposit and the animal will become available for sale.  

You must have a picture of your set up for approval either emailed prior to pick up or at pick up (if you are not purchasing from me)  You can use a small animal or cat heat pad( not a reptile heat pad),  a CHE Lamp (Ceramic Heat Emitter) for your heat source, or a radiant heat panel.  IF you choose a CHE or a radiant heat panel you are require to have it set up for at least 24 hours prior to pick up to ensure its holding a proper temperature. 

Payment in full is due at time of pick up.  This can be done by CASH or CHASE QUICK PAY ONLY.  Personal checks are no longer accepted at pick up.

*****Please understand that in addition to breeding hedgehogs, we have other pets.  Cats in particular. 

If there is an allergy issue please let us know prior to scheduling your pick up as we may have to meet elsewhere to accommodate your medical needs.

What Do I Get With My Hedgehog? 

You get an adorable bundle of quills !   You get a folder containing all our Policies and 

Guidelines including our Health Guarantee and Birth Certificate. You get a sample pack of food.  Small toys  Post sale support for the life of your hedgehog.

And a box to transport Him/her home in, unless you prefer to bring your own carrier.  

Returns/Transfer of Ownership:

(This does not include the $20 non-refundable deposit)

Hedgehogs aren't for everyone, as with any pet, a prospective owner should research before buying. 

 If after purchase, you decide a hedgie is just not for you, we will gladly accept the animal back, however, hedgehog sales after 30 days are non-refundable.​

Refund/Return Policy:

Animals returned within 7 days -   75%

Animals returned within 14 days 40%

Animals returned within 21 days 20%

Animals returned within 28 days 10%

This does not apply to a hedgehog returned to us that is not healthy or is injured for reasons that

were the buyer’s fault, such as, but not limited to, poor diet, drafty/cold living conditions, 

harm caused by the owner, owner’s children/guests, or owner’s other pets – in such cases, no refund will be given.

If you cannot keep your hedgehog for any reason we ask you to consider returning him or her to us first.  We can either find him/her a new loving home or keep them in our herd.

In the event that one of our hedgehogs is transferred by you to another owner all guarantees are null and void.


We will not sell a male and female hedgehog to the same individual, or to separate individuals in the same household, unless they are a licensed USDA breeder.  We also cannot sell a female hedgehog to someone that has 4 breedable females of any species that is not USDA licensed 

**(our policy for handling our babies:  Babies must be at least 5 weeks old and weaned from mom

until then there is no outside contact) 

We may on occasion decide to keep an animal that has been reserved -  It is up to our discretion until the animal is 5 weeks  old.   We will offer a substitute animal in that case.

***We will only sell Hedgehogs for breeding to USDA licensed breeders(or Hobby Breeders) that we have a working relationship with.