PRICING: Standard Facial Markings $175 Unique Facial Markings $200 - $250)

All our animals are pedigreed, we track lineage,  and do our best to produce healthy happy

 hedgehogs for the pet community.

​ ​Morning Star Hedgehogs Reserves the right to refuse a sale

of any of our animals at our discretion

​Not Certain If a Hedgehog is for You?  

 Ask about our Hedgie 101 Sessions.  Visit the Herd,  handle some of the Hedgies and receive comprehensive information to help make your decision. 

 A $20 fee for this session applies and goes toward the purchase of a baby If you decide to reserve a baby!  

Hedgehog 101 Information

Place a Deposit to Reserve a Baby Hedgehog

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

No PayPal account required!  You will receive email confirmation once your deposit is received.  Ask to be added to the priority list if you are looking for a baby sooner than anticipated - no additional fee for the priority list. 

(Deposits are non-refundable)

Lady P x Sir Gallahad Born 7/28 Ready to go home approx 9/15


Female Dk Grey Badger Stripe Reserved: Patti W.

Ready to go home Approx 9/15


Female Brown Lt Badger Reserved: Jeanie D.

PU 9/20


Male Grey Lt Badger Reserved: Laura N.

Ready to go home Approx 9/15


Male Dk Grey Badger Reserved: Jeremy Z.

Ready to go home Approx 9/15


Male Brown Badger Reserved: Nailyn N

PU 9/22


Male Brown Badger Reserved: Breena M.

Ready to go home Approx 9/15

Halo x Foxtail Born 7/29 Ready to go home 9/15


Female Apricot Reserved: Jessica C.

PU 9/22


Male Apricot Pinto Reserved: India W.

Ready to go home Approx 9/15


Male Apricot Reserved: Linda R.

Ready to go home Approx 9/15

Agnes x Odin Litter of 2 Born 8/8


Reserved Male: MSTH

This little man from my original lines will be staying here! 


Female Reserved: Vadri V.

Ready to go home Approx 9/22

Cranberry x Foxtail Litter of 4 Born 8/13


2 Males 2 Females Ready Approx Oct 1

This litter is Spectacular the markings are gorgeous!

Reserved:  MSTH (male), Kristin S. (Female) , Kelly F. (Male), Tijuan K.

Astrea x Sampson Litter of 4 Born 8/21


2 Males 2 Females Ready to go home Approx Oct 9

Reserved: Male Reserved MSTH, Crystal G. (Female), Catalina R. (Female), Christina T. (Male) 

Willow x Kirby Litter of 2 Born 8/25


1 Male 1 Female Ready to go home Approx Oct 13

Reserved:  MSTH (Female),  Male Michelle S. (Male)

We have Babies in the nest!!


Babies Born!

Petunia x Brillo  Born 8/31 Litter of 5   Not Sexed Yet

Bernadette x Hiro Born 9/1  Litter of 4   Not Sexed Yet

Arizona x Sherman Born 9/15 Litter or 2. Not Sexed Yet

Wanda x Foxtail Born 9/16 Litter of 1 Not Sexed Yet

Iris x Tito Born 9/16 Litter of 4 Not Sexed Yet 

Waiting List:


  1. Randi F.
  2. Kassandra A. (Female) 
  3. Caitlin G.
  4. Lisa M. 
  5. Victoria P. 
  6. Melissa C.
  7. Aaron S. (Male)


  1. Jaclyn B (2 Females)  
  2. Holly F. 

March 2020

  1. Tia M. (Female)

On Hold

Meg D.  (coming in from out of state)