RESERVED / available BABIES - UPDATED 3/21/19

Now accepting deposits for JULY babies

PRICING: Standard Facial Markings $175 Unique Facial Markings $200 - $250)

All our animals are pedigreed, we track lineage,  and do our best to produce healthy happy

 hedgehogs for the pet community.

​ ​Morning Star Hedgehogs Reserves the right to refuse a sale

of any of our animals at our discretion

​Not Certain If a Hedgehog is for You?  

 Ask about our Hedgie 101 Sessions.  Visit the Herd,  handle some of the Hedgies and receive comprehensive information to help make your decision. 

 A $20 fee for this session applies and goes toward the purchase of a baby If you decide to reserve a baby!  

Hedgehog 101 Information

Place a Deposit to Reserve a Baby Hedgehog


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

No PayPal account required!  You will receive email confirmation once your deposit is received.  Ask to be added to the priority list if you are looking for a baby sooner than anticipated - no additional fee for the priority list. 

(Deposits are non-refundable)

Bernadette x Sprocket Born 1/16/19


Reserverd Karly H.: Pick Up 4/1/19

Petunia x Brillo Litter of 2 - 2 Males


Male Reserved: Tomas P. Pick Up 3/31


Male Reserved: Robert T. Born 1/29/19 Ready to go home Approx March 22,2019

Iris x Tito Litter of 3 - 2 Males 1 Female


Female Reserved: Jess Z. Born 1/29/19 Ready to go home approx March 22, 2019


Male Reserved: Angelica K. Pick Up 3/29


Male Reserved: Erik K. Born 1/29/19 Ready to go home approx March 22, 2019

babies in the nest!


BORN 3/11 Arizona x Sherman

Litter of 4  1 Female 3 Males  These are not albinos .

Catrina F.  (Female) ,   Sadie B. (2 Males) ,  Tamara A. (Male)


AVAILABLE BORN 3/11 Wanda x Michelangelo

Litter of 3   2 Males (1 White face 1 Albino) 1 Female Albino.  WHite Face $200,  Albinos $175 ea 


BORN 3/11 Thea x Halganog

Litter or 5  1 Female SplitFace AVAILABLE $250,  

Rebecca (Female.Dilute),  Alex G. (Female Badger), Natalie B. (female),  Giselle B. (Male)

Available Babies - As of March 24, 2019

Waiting List:


  1. Ariana S.
  2. Marnie A. (Female)
  3. Nick A.
  4. Jasmine T.  (Female)
  5. Michelle V. (2 Females)
  6. Kristen P. 
  7. Rachele D. (Female)


  1. Sam K.
  2. Karen M.
  3. Marissa H. (Male)
  4. Spencer P.
  5. Kassandra  A. (Female)
  6. Paula M. (Female)
  7. Fernando A. (Male) 
  8. Andre J. 
  9. Jessica P.
  10. Julie L. (2 Females)


  1. Meg D. (Female)
  2. Paula H M. (Female)
  3. Angel  (Pending 101)


  1. Julie B. (Male)


  1. Vadri V. (Female)