Announcement 3/15/2020

Due to the "Shelter in Place" order we are suspending our in person Hedgehog 101 Sessions. We can however still offer them via Facebook Messenger, Zoom or Skype.  Contact us to set up an appointment time.  We look forward to being able to get back to business as usual and have you visit with us in the near future! 

Hedgehog 101 Sessions

Hedgehogs can get along with other pets Your baby hedgehog can fit right in with other family pets.

Not Certain a Hedgehog fits in your family?

Hedgehog 101 Sessions can help you make that decision.  All areas related to caring for these little bundle of quills is gone over at length.  It is important all our owners going into hedgehog ownership with their eyes wide open.

For those with furry pet allergies, we allow you the opportunity to find out if you are allergic to hedgehogs!

Allergic to Furry Pets?

We can accommodate families that would like to "test their allergic properties" .  No, Hedgehogs are not hypoallergenic!

A Morning Star Hedgehog with his owner.  Best buddies

Interaction with a few of the Morning Star Herd

We will allow some interactive time with a few of our adults to give you an idea on how it feels to handle a hedgehog.  ***Warning all hedgehogs will go to the bathroom when nervous .... Poop Happens

Curious About Hedgehogs

It's exciting to learn about Hedgehogs.  Come and see what wonderful pets Hedgehogs can be.  Even handle of few of the Morning Star Hedgehog Herd

 Hedgehogs are adorable little creatures and I understand people's curiosity about them, wanting to visit to "see or hold a hedgehog",   However,  we are not a petting zoo and do not have licensing or insurance required for one.  We cannot offer for people to "come look at hedgehogs"

We can, however, offer for you to attend an educational Hedgehog 101 Session! If you are unsure whether a Hedgehog is the correct pet for you or the hedgehog is to be the pet of a child under the age of 13, you are encouraged to attend a session! 

Hedgehogs are not for everyone!  The most important part for us as breeders is to find our babies their "quillever" homes.   Hedgehogs do not transplant well from owner to owner,  it can be traumatizing to them.  It is crucial it be the right home the first time!  

Hedgehogs are exotic animals and do have specific needs that must be met in order to maintain their lovable little social personalities.  

In the Hedgehog 101 Session you will learn all aspects of basic care and keeping for an African Pygmy Hedgehog. You will also have the opportunity to interact with a few of the Morning Star Hedgehog Herd.  There is also a question/answer section so any and all your questions can be answered. 

Each Session lasts approximately one hour.  

Fee:  $20 payable at time of registration (via Chase quick pay or PayPal $21) If you decide you would like to reserve one of my babies the fee paid for the session will become your deposit :)  Making the deposit the lowest in Illinois!  

If you are not certain a Hedgehog is the right addition for your family we welcome you to come to one of our Hedgehog 101 Sessions.  

You can email / call or text 630-346-5122 to schedule a Hedgehog 101 Session! 

*** We have furry pets as well... If you have a severe allergy that requires a session away from the furry ones please let us know in advance ... we can accommodate your needs ***