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August 5 · 

Ms. Jonell really took the time to let us get to know Sheldon as well as allow us to ask questions while we were at her house. She also ensured that we were properly educated and had all necessary equipment and materials in order to make our Hedgehog transition a great one. We would highly recommend her to anyone :)

August 19, 2019· 

Jonelle is a loving, nurturing hedgehog breeder who cares deeply for each and every hedge in her care. Not only a responsible breeder but a kind person. ❤️ 

Madelin L.

1 review

3 months ago-
Today we had a hedgehog 101 class. A  two hour session for twenty dollars. Also if you were to apply for the waiting list the twenty dollars from the session will be put as a deposit for a hedgehog. Jonell was very informative and very real about all of the care and necessities needed for hedgehogs. There was no sugarcoating. 12/10 would recommend. :) 

Julie B.
1 review
a month ago-
Jonell is a very informative and knowledgeable breeder who ensures the best lives for her herd. From the moment I walked through her door, the education began and I left feeling very informed and prepared to be able to give my hedgie the life she deserves! Jonell answered all of my questions and was quick to respond to previous e-mails prior to our meeting and made me feel comfortable to know that I can continue to use her as a resource. Her passion and care for these animals shows 100%!


Paula M Google Reviews
Local Guide · 18 reviews · 
2 months ago-
If you are in the market for a hedgehog, please consider a responsible breeder like at Morning Star Hedgehogs. The owner is truly one of the best breeders in the country, and she is ethical and cares deeply about the hedgehogs she breeds and the good of hedgehog pets everywhere.  She works to learn more about hedgehogs and is eager to help with any questions owners might have for as long as it takes. My hedgehog is sweet, socialized, and healthy. She cares deeply for her herd and works hard to make sure future owners have the best possible setup for her hogs.
One thing I'd say is that she's not going to sell to people who won't give hedgehogs good homes, which I completely agree with. I wouldn't want to do business with a breeder who didn't feel that way. This is my second hedgehog and she taught me so many things I didn't know about best practices.

Editing to add: my hedgehog is almost impossibly cute!
I'm a very happy customer with a very healthy, happy hog!


Ash A. July 4, 2019
 The owner gave us such an absolutely amazing experience getting our hedgie! Before you can take your little one home, she goes over everything you need to know and is more than happy to answer any questions. I learned more from her in twenty minutes than I did researching owning a hedgehog over two weeks. Our little guy is happy, I feel secure in knowing he's nourished and overall am beyond grateful to have found her! She even boards - which is VERY affordable and necessary to keep these little guys happy (simply having a friend come by to feed/change the litter won't suffice). I also highly recommend her housing kit [and if you don't get her set-up, ask her about your ideas so she can confirm you don't risk their health by having, say, a wire cage]. 

Kathrine Gandolfo York  April 14, 2019 

I would just like to say that this sweet lady KNOWS her stuff! She was fantastic to work with from the start thru beyond pick up ❤
I really appreciate her extensive knowledge she shared with us on caring for our new baby! She continues to,research which really exciting to us and not something we had seen from other breeders we looked into.
Morning Star Hedgehogs truly care about their babies and we highly recommend adopting your baby thru her!❤❤I can go,on all day!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!


Lorali Marie  April 4, 2019 

Highly recommend Morning Star Hedgehogs!!
Jonell is so amazing! She is so friendly, nice, & helpful. You can tell from the start she cares for & loves her hedgies. Jonell also offers her own cages for sale with everything you need in them! Which I think is just absolutely amazing. Because i didn’t have to go to the pet store, questioning if this or that product would be best. I was able to choose colors of items that came in her cage. & it made me happy that Charlie would come home with everything that she needed & items that were all familiar to her. After getting Charlie I realized I needed another fleece bedding for when I have one being washed. Jonell was super quick to send me pictures of what she had available & get the one I wanted into the mail for me! I also keep in touch with her on Facebook! It’s been a while since I had a hedgehog & so many things have changed it’s almost like I don’t know anything anymore. So whenever I have a question about things for Charlie. Jonell gets back to me right away with whatever she recommends. My girl is so gentle & so friendly. We couldn’t have gotten any luckier! I have an almost 2 year old, so that was my biggest concern. Jonell assured me that Charlie would strive in a family with children & she was right!
We couldn’t be any happier! Thank you Jonell, Morning Star Hedgehogs! 🦔💕  

Nick Ryan R. February 17 2019 

I received my hedgehog 1 week ago, and to put it plainly, my experience with Morning Star Hedgehogs has been amazing. Jonell was very helpful the entire process, she answered every question I asked and went above and beyond to reassure any worries I had. Jonell obviously has a passion for her babies and that is reflected very well on MS Hedgehogs. I know many people are turned away by the fact that there is a waiting list that can be several months, but don’t let that dissuade you from buying a hedgie, the wait gives you plenty of time to make sure your ready and get everything you need to keep your hedgie happy. Everything about my experience with Morning Star Hedgehogs was perfect, and would recommend MS Hedgehogs to anyone thinking of getting a hedgie for their family.

Paige Suzanne H. February 10 2019 
Anyone whose considering owning a hedgehog look no further. Jonell offers a extremely helpful and amazing hedgehog 101 session where u will learn EVERYTHING u NEED to know. I just got my second baby from her. She is always available if u have any questions and she legit cares about every baby of hers. If a hedgehog doesn’t work out for you she wants it back. She is so nice to work with and every baby from her comes SO well socialized which is a necessity with these types of animals. I highly recommend morning star hedgehogs and would never ever go anywhere else. I feel like nobody could possibly be a better breeder then morning star. I’m always looking at her Facebook page to because she is always sharing more information and facts and clarifications on the daily. She also always makes you feel very welcome in her home. She is just the best everyone I wish I could just go up to everyone whose considering a hedgehog and tell them about her because I’ve seen friends get hedgehogs on Craigslist a pet store and oh my god they don’t even look the same and they are supposed to be exactly the same. You can tell just by appearance is they are raised from a loving caring knowledgeable person. I’ve also never had a question that she has never had an answer to. She’s so knowledgeable and amazing !!!!!!! 🦔❤️ 

Lisa Harvey B. January 30  2019 

My daughter and I picked up her hedgy yesterday. She’s happy and healthy. These are loved, well-cared for animals. We would recommend them to anyone looking to add to their family.


I just adopted my hedgie from Jonell... I would highly recommend anyone even thinking about having an adorable ball of quills to contact her. She is full of so much information about all of her babies.


Jonell has been the most amazing resource imaginable! I have texted/called/ and emailed Jonell every time I have had a question (from the simple toy recommendations to advice post a vet appointment) and she has answered within hours every time. She is phenomenal with her animals and the most welcoming i've ever found. Pixie is currently being boarded with her and i could not be happier with the hands she's in. if you're interested in a hedgehog I would look no further!


We LOVE our little hedgie! Jonelle is so knowledgeable and loves what she does and it shows! If you are going to get a hedgehog Jonelle and Morning Star Hedgehogs is your only option!


I adopted my pinto hedgehog Rufio back in fall 2014, he is still healthy and happy now over 4 years later! I highly recommend this breeder if you want a healthy pet! Just be sure that YOU are really ready for what it takes to properly raise a hedgie! 


I picked up my little man last night and my family and I are in love! 😍😍 I am so happy I went with Morningstar Hedgehogs! The wait was definitely worth it! Jonell answered every question I had and I couldn't have asked for a better experience


Spartacus is 6 months old. Since the first day we adopted him, he’s been very personable. Jonell was very knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend adopting a hedgehog from her.


great breeder. extremely passionate about the animals she keeps and loves each hoglet very deeply!


Jonell is wonderful. Very knowledgeable and helpful whenever we have questions. Our hedgehog always comes back better behaved after being boarded there as well. She works magic.


It’s been one week since I picked up my little guy and I couldn’t be happier. Jonell was great and very informative, I was able to spend time with Willard to make sure we were a good match and we are. He’s adjusting so nicely and is already getting used to his forever home. Definitely would recommend Jonell if you’re looking for a hedgie.


I was on the waiting list for several months and we finally got to bring our new Hedgie home this past weekend. Jonell was wonderful and patient and answered all of our questions


thank you so much for watching Cosmo!! we are so grateful to have found you !


My children and I met with Miss Jonelle yesterday and we learned so much information we never found out by our personal research. She gave us the ins and outs of hedgehogs and urged us to really consider our decision bcs hedgies take some more work than new owners may think. Also, bcs of my daughter’s pet allergies we met outside and we did some prickle “tests” to see if my daughter was able to care for a hedgehog. Much to our disappointment she reacted and we aren’t able to bring a hedgie into our home but Jonelle offered information on some reptiles that would work for us. I’m disappointed we can’t be hedgie parents but glad to have found that out by working with Morningstar Hedgehogs. I highly recommend them to everyone


Jonell takes such meticulous care of her animals, and goes to great lengths to ensure that her owners are well educated about the care and upkeep of their precious new pet! She is an extremely responsible breeder, and her hedgies tend to be healthier and live longer as a result. I whole-heartedly endorse Morning Star Hedgehogs as your first and last stop when looking for a hedgehog! We love our little Theo.


Jonell is the best! She so obviously loves every hedgehog in her herd, and gives them enough attention that when we picked up our adorable little one today (at 8 weeks old), she was very social. She knows everything there is to know about hedgehogs and teaches in a really clear and organized way. And she's really nice, too. 😁 Highly recommend!!



Jonell is very very helpful and knowledgeable about hedgehogs and taking care of them. I was so happy that I went to the 101 session. Everyone who wants a hedgehog really should go to them. Even if you think you researched enough and know how to care for one, still go to it! She brought up so many things that I had never even thought of and things that are false on the internet. She prepares you for what you're signing up for and you can tell that she's cares so much for them. She's even willing to stay in touch if you have questions about caring for them, even after you have taken the baby home. It was really great seeing a breeder that cares about the animals well-being over profit.


I had been on Jonell's waiting list for several months before getting my baby. The months prior to bringing home my little guy, Jonell and I exchanged several emails about proper care and housing. She was very patient with me and answered all my questions and through all of our communication I felt very confident about bringing Gus home! When we picked him up it was obvious he had been well socialized and cared for. She made sure we had everything we needed before we left and has been great about answering questions since we have been home with Gus! If you are looking for a kind knowledgeable breeder that truly cares for her animals then I strongly suggest Morning Star Hedgehogs. She has a waiting list, but it is worth the wait!


I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Morning Star Hedgehogs! I just picked up my little guy this week and everything from the 101 class to the pick up appointment was amazing. Jonell really knows what she is talking about. Every bit of research I had done beforehand matched up exactly with what Jonell had to say and you could tell that she was really invested in making sure her animals were going to a caring home. Every time I met with her felt very personalized and accommodating, but first and foremost it was always about the animals well-being. Jonell makes sure you are 100% comfortable with your decision to buy a hedgehog, she provides you with every bit of knowledge you need to make the decision, and she in no way forces the decision on you. She is also 100% willing to take back one of her babies if it is not a good fit for the well-being of the animal. My little guy has an amazing disposition and I credit that to the way he was bred and raised! I would recommend that anyone looking for a new addition to your family or just looking for some more information on hedgehog ownership to visit Jonell’s website and at least schedule a 101 session! It is worth every penny!


If i could give you 10 starts i would!!  I got simbah almost a week ago, and let me tell ya..IM IN LOVE. Jonell is so knowledgeable about everything. There’s nothing this woman doesn’t know. When i came for pick up, and Jonell was explaining the feed schedule to ween them off of the mix and onto wellness, you could tell i was getting a little nervous. I just didn’t want to mess anything up. Jonell calmed me down and went over step by step with me everything i needed. She’s sooooo loving and caring for all her animals. Jonell, i can’t thank you enough for simbah. THNK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU


Jonell is amazing and my number one go to when I need a sitter or advice for my little guy! I didn’t get my Hedgie from her, he was a rescue. But she has been so helpful and has taken him in as her own. I look forward to building our friendship and Rafi looks forward to his vacation time at Jonell’s!


Jonell at Morning Star Hedgehogs is the BEST!!!! She is the exact type of breeder people want to get they hedgehogs from!! She is kind, EXTREMELY knowledgeable, and always willing to help answer any questions! She has come to my rescue many many times when I have had general questions, or questions on any change in my hedgies health/behavior. She truly sincerely cares about the well being of the hedgehogs first and foremost before anything else and it shows, whether it’s her own here of hedgehogs or a complete strangers hedgehog! I will never get any of my future hedgehogs from anyone else but her!! Thank you Jonell for all that you do!!!! You are a true blessing to the hedgehog community!!!!!


I love my lil Tipsy. The breeder is very caring and knowledgeable about her hedgies. I am so glad my fiance found her. She is also very welcoming and attentive to new hedge owners. I call or text her with any of my questions and beep beep beep, she calls and text me back with answers.
Highly recommended!


Honestly I accidentally hit the star so now I'm stuck writing a review. The hedgehogs are cute, and people seem to give good reviews so I'll give it a 5. I repeat, I don't have and I have never purchased a hedgehog from this place or anywhere else. I'm just a dummy.



Jonell is wonderful. She responds back to you quickly and is there to answer all your questions. I highly recommend Morning Star Hedgehogs.


She is very knowledgeable and really cares about her animals. She is full of helpful information and always willing to answer any questions you may have as a new hedgie owner. She offers a complete setup for purchase which is great to make sure you go home with everything you need.


There's so many reasons Jonell is a 5 star breeder. She is ethical, knowledgeable, and truly cares about all of her animals, even after they have been sold. Heck, she'll even help an owner of a hedgehog she hasn't personally sold to. I can always turn to her with any questions about the beautiful and 100% healthy little girl I received from her. All of her litters are gorgeous and have a lifetime health guarantee! The herd is well-kept and have the privilege of living in an immaculate environment. And to my surprise her house smelled great despite having around 50 animals inside. Jonell is truly a master of her trade and if I ever bought another hedgehog, I would certainly buy from her. Thank you Morningstar Hedgehogs!!!
With love ❤️ Arielle and Azula


Jonell is a pleasure to work with! She cares about the animals in her care and their comfort.


We've had our Hedgy since May 2013 and he is just as sweet as ever. He's going on 5 and besides just being old and not running much anymore, there have been no major health problems (knock on wood) to speak of, which is kind of a rarity for his age. Should we get another hedgehog in the future, I can't imagine we'd go elsewhere